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Sic Bo-Big & Small | Casino Game Rules and Strategy Guide

Large and small is a casino game that predicts the total number and combination of three dice.

Also known as “Sic-bo” or “Taisai”, it is mainly performed in a wide range from southern China to Southeast Asia, and is gaining popularity in Macau, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, the United States and Europe.

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Bet by anticipating the “total number of dice” and “combination of dice” of the three dice that the casino dealer has stirred in the dice cup.

There are 216 combinations of 3 dice, and the total number can be 3-18.

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General game progress flow

  1. The game starts with the signal of “place your bet” from the casino dealer.
  2. The bet is closed at the signal of “no more bet” (the deadline) from the casino dealer.
  3. The casino dealer rolls three dice.
  4. A lamp will light up in the winning frame according to the appearance.
  5. Dividends will be given to the winning chips in sequence.

* The above is the general flow of the game, and the rules may change depending on the house rules of the casino.

History of big and small (sic bo)

“Large and small”, a dice game that originated in ancient China, is a very popular game in Asia, especially in Macau casinos. Considering that the dice themselves have existed for more than 2000 years, it can be inferred that the play has a long enough history.

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