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Mini Bacara | Casino game rules and strategy guide

Mini Bacara is a card game called The king of casino because of the speed of winning and losing the game and the speed of settlement.

This most thrilling game is as simple as winning MMC SGD if the last digit of the total number of cards is closer to “9”. The game is settled quickly and tends to be preferred by experienced casino players.

The casino dealer will deal 2-3 cards to the first attack side (* 1) and the second attack side (* 2) according to certain rules.

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The winner is the one whose last digit of the total number on the card is closer to “9”.

The player predicts whether the first player or the second player will win. (* 3)

* 1 The first player is called the player (PLAYER).

* 2 The second attack side is called a banker (BANKER).

* 3 It is also possible to anticipate a draw between the two and bet on a place called Thailand (TIE).

[How to count cards]

” 2-9 ” is counted as the same score, “A” (ace) is counted as “1 point”, and “10 / J / Q / K” is counted as “0 point”.

General game progress flow

  1. The game starts with the signal of “place your bet” from the casino dealer.
  2. The bet is closed at the signal of “no more bet” (the deadline) from the casino dealer.
  3. The casino dealer deals two cards to each “player” and “bunker”.
  4. The game is played between “player vs. banker”, and finally the “last digit closer to 9” of the total points of the cards wins.
  5. Only one additional card may be drawn for both “player” and “bunker”.
  6. Whether to “draw” or not “draw” a card follows a rule called “condition”.
  7. (For details, refer to the figure below “Additional card rule table”) Participants do not have the right to select cards during the game.
  8. If the one selected in [1] is close to 9 points, you will win and you will be able to get the same amount of payout as your stake.
  9. However, if you win in the bunker, the commission (commission) will be deducted and the dividend will be paid.

* The above is the general flow of the game, and the rules may change depending on the house rules of the casino.


Commissions are commissions, which are generally deducted from the dividends earned by winning a bunker. Since the method of collecting commissions differs depending on the casino, we will introduce the typical method of collecting commissions in casinos around the world.

5% commission

Every time a bunker wins, a 5% commission is collected on the stake.

Six bunker If a half

bunker beats the player with “6”, a commission of 50% will be collected on the stake.

If the Dragon 7

bunker draws the third card and defeats the player with “7”, 100% commission will be collected on the stake.

Baccarat history

Baccarat was born in the 15th century and was played as a game for aristocrats. In the mid-19th century, the casino pandemic across Europe made it a gambling game alongside roulette.

The reason why Baccarat is now called “The king of casino” is that the speed of winning and losing the game and the huge amount of stakes move in a short time. By the way, “baccarat” means “0” (zero) in Italian.

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